Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Ephemera: Let Them Eat Cake

Friday Ephemera time! Aren't you lucky--you got me on time TWO weeks in a row!

Since the food post from a few weeks ago was hugely popular with everyone who read it*, I must direct you to:


Foodie or not, you'll love this site. Professionally-made cakes (yes, people paid for these) that, well, aren't made in the best taste, shall we say? Updated every day with "Sunday Sweets" to remind you what good cakes actually look like, author Jen is amusingly witty and unlike other photo-blog sites, tries to keep this one family friendly (good luck the the naked baby shower cakes).

And the most mesmerizing video I've found to date: "Gelatin cubes dropped onto solid surface" in slow-mo.

*Approximately two people, both related to me.

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