Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Study Abroad: The Beginning

After waiting so long, it's still hard to believe this day has actually come. I'm been thinking about studying abroad for two years, and have actually worked at it for one. That this is the culmination of all that feels surreal.

While typing, I feel like I know what's going on, but in reality, I'm nervous as all get out. I don't know who I'm living with. I don't know the area. I will have no phone to contact the girl picking me up. I'm afraid my suitcase will magically gain 100 pounds during the flight and I will look stupid lugging it through the train station. I'm afraid of the train station.

But the fact that everyone is so excited for me makes me excited, too.  I can remember any multitude of conversations with the best advisor on earth. The friends who automatically assume that yeah, Kayt can do this. The friend who grabbed me as I walked by to announce to others that I was studying abroad. My parents, who somehow managed to live through the searching and the angsting and were the voice of reason when I was overwhelmed.

It's my trip, but this hasn't been a solo journey to it. The support I've gotten has been the defining factor--not once was I told, "you can't do this," but everyone along the way, from university faculty and staff to my friends and family.

So here we go.

To follow my trip, click the "Germany" label instead of the "study abroad" one, which will be saved for things that are immediately related to the study abroad process.

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