Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Impressions: Practicing For My Old Age

Right now despite being, you know, a college student whose life depends on technology, I am not feeling as coolly confident as I should be, when faced with a blogging service that makes it literally as easy as clicking a button to blog.

Rather, it's more like "what is this dadgummed thing and how do I get the doohickey to work?"

HTM-what now?

It's an odd feeling, with foreshadows of how I'll spend entire days in about fifty years when my grandchildren are jetting off to Mars to escape my lectures about how when I was their age something something old technology was better what is this junk mumble mumble.

Also, I'm an honor student. Dean's List my entire college career. I am smart, I am capable, I refuse to be beaten by a bunch of ones and zeros hiding behind my computer screen.

If binary does not have anything to do with this, don't tell me.

In all seriousness, it's the same when you start anything new: it takes a bit to learn the ropes. I'm excited by the possibilities, and with an international trip coming up in a few months, I'm glad to have a tool to help chronicle that. Until then, I'll leave you all to giggle at 'dadgummed.'

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