Monday, September 19, 2011

What To Expect if We Ever Live Together

The verbal parts of today's post are taken verbatim from real events. This post is sponsored by my very patient roommate, Roomie the Crushinator, who did not write this but I'm pretty sure this is what she was thinking when this ocurred.
I'm sitting at at my computer trying to keep up with the rent from Cityville on Facebook and the crops demanding that I pick them right now. It's a good thing that I don't have class until noon tomorrow--or, technically, today, since it's nearly 1 am and I'm not even tired.

Our room is divided with our desks back-to-back, so I can't see Kayt, but she's been fairly quiet for the last hour. Apparently there's a big test tomorrow and she just now started studying after running around like a chicken with her head cut off squawking about all the other things she has due tomorrow, which apparently she forgot about until right now. Not that I'm surprised.

Marvo the Magician is demanding facilities in my town when I hear signs of life again.

"What do you think Jesus' DNA was like?"

A pause, presumeably to allow me to answer, goes unfilled because I'm still wondering where this came from.

"Like, was it all Mary's DNA with...a Y chromosome or something? Is that even possible?"

...Nope, still bemused.

"Or, I guess since that implies sperm and egg and sex and stuff, did he not share DNA with anyone?"

I venture that in my mind, he probably looked like a male version of Mary. Maybe.

"And what about Adam and Eve?"

I don't know, I tell her. It's 1 am and she has a test she should be studying for. From what I recall of her gripes, it has to do more with a bunch of dead Latin people than with biblical characters.

"Fine," she mutters, leaving me to wonder if she's really the same age I am.


"Hey, C?"

Maybe she's just thinking about our choir class tomorrow...


"If different Christian denominations were embodied and there was a big photo of them all--like a family reunion photograph or something--what do you think it'd be like? Like, Nazarenes and Methodists and some Baptists would be all hugging each other and cheesin' it up for the camera, and pentacostal and charismatic churches would be partying in the middle, and Eastern Orthodoxy would be peeking in the windows..."

Kayt's image collection seems quite appropriate right now.

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  1. I want you to know that, in fact, this is very similar to my thought processes involving you and your very "unique" topics of conversation at one in the morning, but, I must say, I do miss it.



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