Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is this the real life?

♫ Is this just fantasy? Too much homework to escape from realityyyy. ♪

And that's why, in a nutshell, I completely disappeared for a couple weeks. For the week and a half before my fall break, I had something due every day, and a couple things sprung on me at the last second (note to professors: assigning four essays two days before they're due is not going to garner you the best-written results, especially if it's midterm season. Just sayin').

Luckily that's over now so I can continue to furnish you with videos made by people of questionable sanity because it's time for Friday Ephemera!

Sit through the entire thing. I promise it's worth it.

And then you have two variations of the same thing:

Personally, the second is my favorite, because nothing can beat the sight of "pikachu" riding the "pidgey" near the end.

It wasn't intentional, but these all ended up being about Pokemon, which admittedly has some epic (interpret as you will) fan videos. Are there any I've missed?

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