Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Amusement

Happy Fourth of July, Americans! If you are not American, you can just leave, because Sam the Eagle and I are going to post TRIBUTES TO AMERICA. Like this one. You know it's patriotic because it has the word AMERICAN in the title.

...Huh. Well, that's probably part of a plot to be un-American or something. This is better. I bet that other one had problems because it was posted on the Canadian web.
 ("World wide web? Is there a way to put this on just the American part?")

(In very related news, The Muppets is a very good movie, and their official YouTube channel is infinitely amusing.)

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth and that wherever you were, you had a good time. Even if it wasn't for all the same reason--watching Nashville's spectacular fireworks display with a group, the amount of smoke they gave off ending up almost completely enveloping downtown (or at least it looked like it from where we were) ...and with the flashes of light from the fireworks going off, it looked like Godzilla was in that smoke somewhere, wreaking havoc on cowboy-boot-wearing honky-tonk patrons.

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